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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Wiring and Earthing MCQ- Electrical Engineering MCQ

Wiring and Earthing MCQ- Electrical Engineering MCQ

Wiring and Earthing MCQ- Electrical Engineering MCQ

Electrical Engineering MCQ's are given. This will be helpful for Technician Grade Electrical, Electrician, Junior Instructor Electrician, Assistant Engineer Electrical, Sub Engineer Electrical, Poly technic Lecturer etc

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Wiring and Earthing MCQ

1.    Total Load on a lighting subcircuit shall be .... Watts
a.     500
b.    800
c.     1000
d.    3500
2.    The IS Code of the practice of earthing is:
a.     4029
b.    6389
c.     3043
d.    2309
3.    The minimum distance between two pipe earth electrode shall be:
a.     5 m
b.    1 m
c.     10 m
d.    0.1 m
4.    For pipe earthing, the minimum length of the pipe-electrode should be not less than …..

a.     2.5 m
b.    3 m
c.     3.5 m
d.    4 m
5.    Best system of wiring is;
a.     CTS wiring
b.    Conduit wiring
c.     Cleat wiring
d.    Wooden casing and capping
6.    The type of wiring system best suitable for cold storage is:
a.     Metal conduit wiring
b.    CTS wiring

c.     Wooden casing and capping
d.    PVC conduit wiring
7.    The length of flexible conduit used for connection in between the terminal boxes of motors and starters, shall not exceed:
a.     75 cm
b.    2 m
c.     1.25 m
d.    2.5 m
8.    Minimum space required in front of a main switchboard is :
a.     0.76 m
b.    0.91 m
c.     1.5 m
d.    0.229 m

9.    Permissible value of earth resistance in domestic earthing is:
a.     8 Ω
b.    5 Ω
c.     3 Ω
d.    6 Ω

10.                      What is the recommended level of height, the socket outlet should be permitted in the bathrooms?
a.     120 cm
b.    140 cm
c.     130 cm
d.    150 cm

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