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Monday, March 9, 2020

TECHNICIAN GR II (ELECTrICIAN) - KMML Kerala minerals & Metals Ltd

TECHNICIAN GR II (ELECTRICIAN) Kerala PSC - KMML Kerala minerals & Metals Ltd

Kerala PSC is conducting an exam for the post of Technician Gr II  (Electrician) in May 2020. This will be a common test for the category numbers 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41) Category Number : 61/19, 412/19, 506/19, 542/19, 543/19, 196/19, 200/19, 209/19, 326/19 

You can find the detailed syllabus below. The PDF download link is given at the last.

Module - 1 Basic Electricity -Technician Gr II  (Electrician)

Fundamental Of Electricity, Flux and soldering technique Property of Resistance Conductor, Insulator, Semiconductor Types of wires and cables 

Module - 2 Ohm's Law -Technician Gr II  (Electrician)

Ohm's law, Kirchoff's law Effects of variation of temperature on resistance Chemical effect of electric current Laws of resistance Different type of cells Grouping of cells Care and maintenance of cell Buckling, Sedimentation 

Module - 3 Magnetism -Technician Gr II  (Electrician)

Classification of magnetic properties Para, dia and ferromagnetic material electromagnetism, Fleming's left and right hand rule MMF, Flux density, Reluctance Faraday's laws of electromagnetic induction, Len'z law Capacitor, types and functions 

 Module - 4 Alternating current and Earthing -
Technician Gr II  (Electrician)

Alternating current, Earthing Types of wiring both domestic and industrial Grading of cable and wires Current rating, Testing of installation by megger 

Module - 5 DC Machine -Technician Gr II  (Electrician)

DC Generators and Type emf equation Description of series, shunt and compound Generator DC motors and type Starters 3 point, 4 point and speed control machine 

Module - 6 AC Motors -Technician Gr II  (Electrician)

 single and 3 phase AC motors and starters single phase and 3 phase DOL, Star delta, slip ring motor starter Auto transformer starter AC motor pannel wiring phase sequence 

Module - 7 Instruments and Transformers -Technician Gr II  (Electrician)

Measuring Instruments, Indication type and Deflecting types Controlling torque and Damping Torque Basic principle of Transformer, emf equation of transformers parallel operation of Transformers Cooling, Protective Device 

Module - 8 Illumination and Basic Electronics -Technician Gr II  (Electrician)

 Illumination – Laws of illumination Type of lamp, Domestic appliances Semiconductor – P type, N Type classification of Diode, Rectifier, Transistor 

Module - 9 Power Generation Generation  - Technician Gr II  (Electrician)

Source of energy Various types of power generation 

Module - 10 Transmission  - Technician Gr II  (Electrician)

Transmission and Distribution comparison of AC and DC transmission

Technician Gr II  (Electrician) Syllabus Download PDF

Download Link 2

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