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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

ICE CREAM-FSSAI standards - Dairy Engineering-Technical Superintendent Milk Marketing Federation ltd

ICE CREAM-FSSAI standards - Dairy Engineering-Technical Superintendent Milk Marketing  Federation ltd

FSSAI definition and standards of ice cream:

FSSAI definition of ice cream:

According to Food Safety and Standard Regulations 2011, Ice Cream, Kulfi, Chocolate Ice Cream or Softy Ice Cream(hereafter referred to as the said product) means the product obtained by freezing a pasteurized mix prepared from milk and /or other products derived from milk with or without the addition of nutritive sweetening agents, fruit and fruit products, eggs and egg products, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, condiments, spices, ginger and nuts and it may also contain bakery products such as cake or cookies as a separate layer and/or coating.

 The said product may be frozen hard or frozen to a soft consistency; the said product shall have a pleasant taste and smell free from off flavour and the said product shall conform to the following requirements, namely:

Note: In case where Chocolate, Cake or similar food coating, base or layer forms a separate part of the product, only the Ice Cream portion shall conform to the requirements given above.

According to Food Safety and Standard Regulations 2011, Milk Ice or Milk Lolly (hereafter referred to as the said product) means the product obtained by freezing a pasteurized mix prepared from milk and/or other products derived from milk with or without the addition of nutritive sweetening agents, fruit and fruit products, eggs and egg products, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, condiments, spices, ginger and nuts;

the said product may also contain bakery products such as cake or cookies as a separate layer and/or coating; the said product shall have a pleasant taste and smell free from off flavour and rancidity. 

The said product shall also conform to the following
requirements, namely

(1) Total solids (m/m) Not less than 20.0 percent
(2) Milk Fat(m/m) Not more than 2.0 percent
(3) Milk Protein (Nx6.38) Not less than 3.5 percent

Different varieties of ice creams:

Different varieties of ice creams include

 Plain ,Chocolate, fruit , nut , milk ices ,ices, sherbets, fancy , moulded , novelties , softy etc

Plain ice cream:

Ice cream in which the total amount of the colour and flavouring ingredients is less than 5%of the volume of the unfrozen ice cream. 

Examples are vanilla, coffee, maple and caramel ice cream.

Chocolate Icecream:

Ice cream flavoured with cocoa or chocolate. It usually contains higher sugar content viz.,16 to 17%, about 2.5 to 3.5% of cocoa and stabilizer and emulsifier.

Other variants of chocolate frozen product includes chocobar (where chocolate acts as a couverture), chocolate frosties (chocolate layer containing crispies), chocochips

Fruit Ice cream:

Fruit Ice cream is made by adding various fruits at the time of freezing with or without additional fruit flavouring or colour. The fruits may be fresh, frozen, canned or preserved.

Nut Ice cream:

Ice cream containing nut meats, such as almonds, pistachio or walnut,with or without additional flavouring or colour.

Ice Milk / Milk Ice:

A product similar to ice cream containing 2 -7% fat and 12-15% MSNF, sweetened, flavoured and frozen like ice cream.


Made of fruit juices, sugar and stabilizer with or without additional fruits, color, flavouring or water and frozen to the consistency of ice cream. 

Usually contains 28 – 30% sugar, 15-20% overrun, and no dairy products.


Sherbet is a product made of fruit juices, sugar, stabilizer, and milk products. 

It is similar to a nice, except milk, either whole, skim, condensed, or powdered, or ice cream mix is used in place of all or part of the water used in ices, sherbet contains 1- 2% milk fat.


Novelty is defined as a unique single-serve portion-controlled

Novelties include special combinations of ice cream with flavour and confections, cup items, and fancy molded items


Ice cream containing a generous amount of mixed fruits,nutmeats, and raisins, with or without liquor, spices or eggs.

Fancy moulded ice cream:

It is moulded in fancy shapes and composed either of one colour and flavour of ice Cream or a combination of colours and flavours or especially decorated.

Soft serve ice cream:

Soft serve ice cream is a type of frozen dessert that is similar to, but softer than the ice cream. 

These products are sold as drawn from the freezer without hardening. 

It is generally lower in milk fat (3.6%) than ice cream (10-18%) and produced at a temperature of about -4°C compared to ice cream, which is stored at-15°C. 

warmer temperature of soft-serve ice cream allows the taste buds to detect more flavour. 

The air introduced into soft serve ice cream may vary from 0-60% of the volume of the finished product. The ideal acceptable air content is between 33 and 45% of the volume


This is indigenous icecream frozen in small containers. Milk is concentrated to double fold and added with sugar, malai, crushed nuts and flavour.

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