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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Dairy Engineering Multiple Choice Questions|Dairy Technology MCQ's

Dairy Engineering Multiple Choice Questions|Dairy Technology MCQ's

1. What is the principal carbohydrate in the milks of all mammals?
a. Lactose
b. Glucose
c. Sucrose
d. Fructose

2. Percentage of water in buffalo milk is:-
a. 65-67 %
b. 70-75 %
c. 80-85 %
d. 87-90 %

3. Soft fats in milk fat are:-
a. Lauric & Stearic
b. Capric & Lauric
c. Oleic & Butyric
d. Oleic & Lauric

4. Principal protein in milk is:-
a. Albumin
b. Lactalbumin
c. Casein
d. Lactoglobulin

5. Percentage of mineral matter in milk is about :-
a. 1 %
b. 0.7 %
c. 1.5 %
d. 0.05 %

6. Whey is the by-product in the manufacture of:-
a. Skimmed milk
b. Butter
c. Cheese
d. Yogurt

7. Example of soft cheese is:-
a. Cheddar
b. Swiss
c. Brick
d. Cottage

8. Which one of the following is not fermented beverages?
a. Kefir
b. Leban
c. Buttermilk
d. Kaumiss

9. How many indigenous enzymes have been reported in bovine milk?
a. 30 
b. 60
c. 50
d. 40

10. Destruction of which enzyme is used as an index of super-HTST pasteurization?
a. Catalase
b. Lipase
c. Lactoperoxidase
d. All of the above

11. Rennet belongs to:-
a. Lipases
b. Catalase
c. Proteinases
d. Phosphatases

12. Temperature used in UHT treatment is:-
a. 90-100 °C
b. 100-120 °C
c. 120-125 °C
d. 130-140 °C

13. Lactose is disaccharide containing:-
a. Glucose & Fructose
b. Glucose & Glactose
c. Glucose & Glucose
d. Glucose & Maltose

14. CaCl2 is added at the rate of:-
a. 0.5 %
b. 0.8 %
c. 0.02 % 
d. 0.08 %

15. Which one is used as an emulsifying agent in process cheese blend?
a. Paprika
b. Pectin
c. Glycerides
d. Whay Powder

16. Milk is an emulsion :-
a. Oil-in-Water
b. Water-in-Oil
c. Oil-in-Oil
d. Oil-in-Starch

17. Normal bovine milk contains protein about
a. 7.5%
b. 5.5%
c. 3.5%
d. 9.5%

18. The aim of pasteurization milk is to:- 

a. Improve flavor
b. Kill disease-producing organisms
c. Improve color
d. None of the above

19. People with high blood pressure or edema are advised to take:-
a. Multivitamin Mineral Milk
b. Low Sodium Milk
c. Sterile Milk
d. Low Lactose Milk

20. Evaporated milk is concentrated to approximately what times the solid of normal
whole milk?
a. 2.25 times
b. 6.25 times
c. 7 times
d. 8.5 times 


1. a 
2. d 
3. c 
4. c  

5. b 
6. c  
7. d 
8. c 
9. b 

Dairy Engineering Multiple Choice Questions|Dairy Technology MCQ's

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