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Friday, October 11, 2019

Electrical Engineering MCQ| Basic Electrical Engineering MCQ 4

Electrical Engineering MCQ|

A short circuit is that which 
(a) uses short pieces of wire 
(b) goes only a short distance
(c) is used for dimming light 
(d) offers very low resistance path for current to flow

Which of the following stays the same in all parts of a series circuit? 
(a) Voltage 
(b) power
(c) resistance
(d) current

 The resistance of the windings of a generator is known as 
(a) generated resistance
 (b) field resistance
(c) internal resistance
 (d) terminal resistance

 Ohm‟s law is applicable to 
(a) Semi-conductors 
(b) vacuum tubes
(c) electrolytes 
(d) none of these

A wire of length l of circular cross section of radius r has a resistance of R ohnms. Another wire of same material and a cross sectional radius 2r will have the same resistance R if the length is 
(a) 2l 
(b) l/2
(c) 4l 
(d) l2

 With the rise in temperature, the temperature coefficient of resistance 
(a) remains unaffected 
(b) increases
(c) decreases 
(d) uncertain

The values of temperature coefficient of resistance of a given conductor are‟ 
(a) the same at different temperatures 
(b) higher at higher temperatures
(c) different at different temperatures 
(d) none of the above

 Temperature coefficient of resistance is defined as 
(a)increase in resistance per ohm per °C
 (b) increase in resistance per °C
(c) decrease in resistance per ohm per °C
(d) the ratio of decrease in resistance per °C to the resistance at 0°C

 The resistance of a parallel circuit consisting of two resistors is 12Ω. One of the resistance wires breaks and the effective resistance becomes 18Ω. The resistance of the broken wire is 

(a) 48 Ω
 (b) 18 Ω
(c) 36 Ω
 (d) 24 Ω

When one leg of a parallel circuit gets opened out, the current drawn from the supply will
(b) increase 

(c) remain the same 
(d) uncertain

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