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Monday, February 18, 2019

Download RRB JE previous solved paper set 7


1. The cyclic integral of (δQ – δW) for a process is
A. Positive B. Negative C. Zero D. Unpredictable
Ans. C.

 2. Triple point temperature water is
A. 273 K B. 273.14 K C. 273.15 K D. 273.16 K

 Ans. D.
3. Which of the following law of thermodynamics is responsible for heat transfer
A. Zeroth law of thermodynamics B. First law of thermodynamics C. Second law of thermodynamics D. Third law of thermodynamics
Ans. C.
4. Which one of the following modes of heat transfer would takes place predominantly from boiler furnace to water wall
A. Convection B. Conduction C. Radiation D. Conduction and Convection
Ans. C.
 5. Compression ratio in case of SI engine is in the range of
 A. 6-10 B. 10-15 C. 16-25 D. 25-40
 Ans. A.

6. Mean effective pressure of otto cycle is
A. Inversely proportional to pressure ratio B. Directly proportional to pressure ratio C. Does not depend on pressure ratio D. Proportional to square root of pressure ratio
Ans. B.

 7. The choke is applied when the engine is
A. Accelerating B. Hot C. Cold D. Idling
Ans. C.

 8. In which of the following milling operation cutter is rotated in same direction of travel of work piece A. Up milling B. Down milling C. Face milling D. End milling
Ans. B.

9. Dry and compressed air is used as cutting fluid for machining
A. Steel B. Aluminium C. Cast iron D. Brass
Ans. C.
10. Spine-holes are machined by
A. Milling B. Boring C. Drilling D. Broaching
Ans. D. 11.
In the forging operation, fullering is done to
A. Draw out the material  B. Bend the material C. Upset the material D. Extrude the material
Ans. A.
12. Which one of the following is not a fusion welding process
A. Gas welding  B. Arc welding C. Brazing  D. Resistance welding
Ans. C.

13. The centrifugal casting method is used for casting articles of
 A. Symmetrical shape about vertical axis  B. Symmetrical shape about vertical axis C. Irregular shape D. Non-ferrous metal only
 Ans. B.

14. The purpose of jigs and fixture is to
 A. Increase interchangeability B. facilitate interchangeability C. Decrease expenditure on quality control D. Decrease Machining accuracy
Ans. A.
15. Directional relays are based on the flow of
A. Power B. Voltage wave C. Current D. Field
 Ans. A.

16. In fuel cell, ……………. Energy is converted into electrical energy.
 A. mechanical B. heat C. sound D. chemical
Ans. D.

17. Francis turbine is usually used for
A. medium heads
B. lower heads C. higher heads D. lower, medium and higher heads
Ans. A.

18. The angle between rotating stator flux and rotor poles is called.
A. torque angle  B. obtuse angle C. synchronizing angle  D. power factor angle
Ans. A.

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