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Sunday, January 13, 2019


62. The hexadecimal representation of (407)8 is______________
A. (107)16 B. (701)16
C. (017)16 D. (710)16
Ans. A.
63. Considering X and Y as binary variables, the Boolean expression Y + XY is equivalent to
A. X B. 1
C. 0 D. Y
Ans. D.
64. The 2’s compliment of the binary number (11110000)2 is
A. (00001111)2 B. (11110000)2
C. (00010000)2 D. (10101010)2
Ans. C.
65. Which of the following category of viruses does not replicate themselves?
A. Worms
B. Trojan horses
C. Boot section virusesD. Macro viruses
Ans. B.
66. In class ‘B’ IP addresses, number of network ID bits used to identify the class is _____________
A. 0 B. 1
C. 2 D. 3
Ans. C.
67. Which of the following categories of networks has largest geographic area?
Ans. A.
68. The front view and top view of a line both lie above the XY line. The line is located in:
A. First Quadrant B. Second Quadrant
C. Third Quadrant D. Fourth Quadrant
Ans. B.
69. If the nominal diameter of a bolt is “D”, then the width of the hexagonal nut across flat surfaces is empirically given as:
A. D B. 1.5 × D
C. 1.5 × D + 3 mm D. 1.5 × D + 5 mm
Ans. C.
70. A vernier scale is good enough to read in ………….. after decimal.
A. One digit B. Two digit
C. Three digit D. Four digit
Ans. B.
71. A sectioning plane cuts a cone such that it is inclined to cone axis at an angle other than 90° and it cuts all its generators. The section so cut is
A. Rectangular Hyperbola
B. A Parabola
C. A Hyperbola
D. An ellipse
Ans. D.
72. An isometric projection is a:
A. 2D view B. 3D view
C. 2½ view D. perspective view
Ans. A.
73. Which of the following is a unit of momentum?
A. N m B. kg m s–1
C. kg m s–2 D. kg m–2
Ans. B.
74. A ball is thrown vertically upward with a velocity of 19.6 m/s. The maximum height it attains is
(g = 9.8 m/s2)
A. 4.9 m B. 9.8 m
C. 19.6 m D. 39.2 m75. A 10 kg box is placed at a height h above the ground. The potential energy of the box is 980 J. The value of h is (g = 9.8 m/s2)
A. 10 m B. 20 m
C. 98 m D. 49 m
Ans. A.
76. A source produces sound waves under water. Waves travel through water and some of it is transmitted into air. Which of the following statements about the frequency f and wavelength λ is correct as sound passes from water to air?
A. f and λ remain unchanged
B. f increases but λ decreases
C. f remains unchanged but λ increases
D. f remains unchanged but λ decreases
Ans. D.
77. A light ray from air enters and passes through a glass slab. Which of the following statement is true about its speed after it emerges from the block?
A. Speed of same as hat before it entered glass slab
B. Speed is same as that in glass slab
C. Speed is less than when in glass slab
D. Speed is less than before it entered glass slab
Ans. A.
78. Two resistors A and B are connected in parallel across a 3.0 V battery. The current through B is found to be 0.25 A. When the two resistors are connected in series to the same battery, the voltage across resistor A is found to be 1.0 V. Resistances of A and B are, respectively.
A. 6Ω, 12Ω B. 9Ω, 12Ω
C. 3Ω, 6Ω D. 12Ω, 24Ω
Ans. A.
79. Which among the following is a displacement reaction?
A. CaCO3 ……. CaO + CO2
B. 2H2 + O2 …………. 2H2O
C. Pb + CuCl2 ……… PbCl2 + Cu
D. C2H4 + H2 ………. C2H6
Ans. C.
80. What is the mass of molecule of nitrogen?
A. 14 u B. 28 u
C. 14/6.023 × 1023 D. 28/6.023 × 1023
Ans. D.
81. A metal forms an amphoteric oxide on reaction with oxygen. The metal is
A. Al B. Na
C. Cu D. Fe
Ans. A. carbon single bond, one carbon-carbon double bond and one carbon-carbon triple bond. What is the molecular formula?
A. C4H4 B. C4H6
C. C4H8 D. C4H10
Ans. A.
83. Which of the following are correct for the reaction
H2SO4 + 2NaOH ……… Na2SO4 + 2H2O it is
(i) an endothermic reaction
(ii) an exothermic reaction
(iii) a neutralization reaction
(iv) a combination reaction
A. (i) and (iii) B. (ii) and (iii)
C. (ii) and (iv) D. (iii) and (iv)
Ans. B.
84. The electronic configuration of an element is 2, 7. In which group of the modern periodic tale is this element placed?
A. 7 B. 9
C. 15 D. 1
Ans. A.
85. The hormone secreted by the human ovary is
C. Estrogen D. Testosterone
Ans. C.
86. Colour blindness is due to a defective gene on
A. X chromosome
B. Y chromosome
C. First pair of Autosomes
D. Last pair of Autosomes
Ans. A.
87. Mushrooms and Yeast are
A. Lower Plants B. Seedless plants
C. Fungi D. Microorganisms
Ans. C.
88. The end product of Photosynthesis is a
A. Carbohydrate B. Protein
C. Lipid D. Steriod
Ans. A.
89. When fertilizers as nutrients flow from field into an adjacent pond, algae bloom and cover the surface but fish in the pond die because.
A. algae use up all the Oxygen
B. algae die and decompose and poison the pond
C. fish do not get any nutrients
D. fish do not get any sunlight
Ans. A.

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