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Sunday, January 13, 2019


41. CPM is the

A. time oriented technique

B. event oriented technique

C. activity oriented technique

D. target oriented technique

Ans. C.

42. Which of the following cement has maximum percentage of C3S

A. Ordinary portland cement

B. Low heat cement

C. Sulphate resisting cement

D. Rapid hardening cement

Ans. D.

43. Consistency as applied to cohesive soils is an indicator of its

A. Density B. Moisture content

C. Shear strength D. Porosity

Ans. C.

44. The needle of a magnetic compass is generally supported on a

A. Bush bearing B. Ball bearing

C. Needle bearing D. Jewel bearing

Ans. D.

45. Stainless steel resist corrosion due to

A. Carbon B. Manganese

C. Chromium D. Sulphur

Ans. C.

46. A barometer is used to measure

A. Very low pressure

B. Very High pressure

C. Pressure difference between two points

D. Atmospheric pressure

Ans. D.

47. The household energy meter is

A. indicating instrument

B. recording instrument

C. integrating instrument

D. visible instrument

Ans. C.

48. Magnetic flux density has the dimensions

A. MI–1 T–2 B. M–1 I–2 T–2

C. ML–3 T–2 D. MI–1 T–3

Ans. A.

49. Assertion (A): De sauty’s bridge is suitable only for pure capacitor.

Reason (R): Capacitors are mostly perfect.

A. Both A and R are true and R is correct explanation of A

B. Both A and R are true but R is not correct explanation of A

C. A is true R is false

D. A is false R is true

Ans. C.

50. A voltmeter using thermocouples measures

A. RMS value B. Peak value

C. Average value D. Peak of peak value

Ans. A.

51. To increase Q factor of a coil, the wire should be

A. Thin B. Thick

C. Long D. Long and thin

Ans. B.

52. The undesirable taste and odours caused by dissolved gases may be removed by

A. chemical treatment

B. aeration

C. disinfection

D. reverse osmosis

Ans. B.

53. The biochemical oxygen demand of treated water should be

A. nil

B. less than 30 mg/I

C. less than 150 mg/I

D. always more than 9 mg/I

Ans. A.

54. The function of sluice valve provided in pipe line is

A. to reduce the chances of pollution reaching into the pipe

B. to reduce the pressure on pipes

C. to regulate the flow of water through the pipes

D. to allow the air to enter the pipe

Ans. C.

55. The source of lead in urban atmosphere is

A. bursting of cracker in festive season

B. road traffic

C. construction works

D. small scale industries

Ans. B.

56. The noise level decreases with distance following

A. inverse square law

B. power law

C. directly proportional to intensity square

D. inversely proportional to intensity

57. The major pollutant that may cause damage to prestigious monument Taj Mahal is

A. RSPM along with humidity

B. NOx with HC + Ozone

C. SOx with humidity

D. Organic vapours released from Mathura refinery

Ans. C.

58. Microphone is a (an)_________________

A. Input device

B. Output device

C. Storage device

D. Both input and output device

Ans. A.

59. Which of the following is a volatile memory?

A. Cache memory B. Hard Disk


Ans. A.

60. Dynamic RAM (DRAM) is slower than Static RAM (SRAM) because___________________

A. DRAM uses flip-flops

B. DRAM is costlier

C. DRAM requires refreshing

D. DRAM is cheaper

Ans. C.

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