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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Basic Electronics Expected Questions for Industrial Extension officer, RRB ,SSC

INDUSTRIAL EXTENSION Officer Exam coaching

•Application of DC voltage to a diode, transistor, or other device to produce a desired mode of operation is called

Group of eight bits in a binary data is called

Transistor in which both free electrons and holes are current carriers is termed as
•bipolar transistor....
•dipolar transistor
•tripolar transistor

Amount of energy required to produce full conduction across pnjunction in forward bias is called
•barrier potential....
•barrier difference
•barrier intensity
•barrier density

Region of semiconductor which is very thin and lightly doped as compared to other regions is called

•Process of imparting impurities to an intrinsic semiconductor materials in order to control its conduction characteristics is called

LED stands for
•Light Emitting Damp
•Light Emitting Diode......
•Light Emitter Diode
•Long Emitter Diode

•A symbolic diagram representing an electrical or electronic circuit is termed as
•symbolic diagram
•schematic diagram....
•block diagram
•A curve which represents relationship of diode voltage and current is
•VI laplacecurve
•VI characteristic.....
•VI Coupled curve
•VI dominant curve

•Angle which defines whether a light ray will be reflected or refracted when it strikes surface is called
•angle of modulation
•angle of incident
•critical angle.....
•angle of reluctance

•Most numerous charge carrier in a doped semiconductor material is called
•majority carriers....
•minority carriers

•Embedded systems is branch of

•Two transistors; one npnand other pnphaving matched characteristics are termed as
•Captured Symmetry transistors
•Computer Symmetry transistors
•Complementary System transistors
•Complementary Symmetry transistors....

•Resistance of resistor is measured in

•Uncharged particle found in nucleus of an atom is

•LASCR stands for
•Light Activated System Controlled Rectifier
•Light Activated Silicon Controlled Rectifier....
•Light Activated System Common Rectifier
•Light Advanced System Controlled Rectifier

•Most heavily doped of three semiconductor regions of a BJT is called

•Removal or addition of an electron from or to a neutral atom so that resulting atom has a net positive or negative charge is called

•Application of DC voltage to a diode, transistor, or other device to produce a desired mode of operation is called

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