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Friday, February 19, 2016

Parts of a Power transmission line and Transmission tower

Transmission line parts

1. Insulator.
2. Bundle of two conductors (some lines have 4).
3.Spacer to hold the two conductors apart.
4. Earth wire at top of tower or pylon.
5. The three bundles on one side of the tower make up one electrical circuit. Most lines have two circuits, one each side.
6.Identity plate saying which line it is and who owns it.  Also usually has a safety warning notice about the dangers of electrocution.

7.Anti-climbing device - barbed wire to stop unauthorised climbing

Transmission tower -

A power transmission tower consists of the following parts, 1) Peak of transmission tower 2) Cross arm of transmission tower 3) Boom of transmission tower 4) Cage of transmission tower 5) Transmission Tower Body 6) Leg of transmission tower 7) Stub/Anchor Bolt and Base plate assembly of transmission tower. The main parts among these are shown in the pictures.

Types of Transmission Tower

According to different considerations, there are different types of transmission towers. The transmission line goes as per available corridors. Due to unavailability of shortest distance straight corridor transmission line has to deviate from its straight way when obstruction comes. In total length of a long transmission line there may be several deviation points. According to the angle of deviation there are four types of transmission tower- 1. A – type tower – angle of deviation 0o to 2o. 2. B – type tower – angle of deviation 2o to 15o. 3. C – type tower – angle of deviation 15o to 30o. 4. D – type tower – angle of deviation 30o to 60o.

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