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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ho to make earth pit and do earthing in home

How to make earth pit.

1. Excavation on earth for a normal earth Pit size is 1.5M X 1.5M X 3.0 M 

2. Use 500 mm X 500 mm X 10 mm GI Plate (Plate may be use as big as possible to contact more and more area of Earth for low resistance & best result) 

3. Make a mixture of Wood Coal Powder Salt & Sand all in equal part 
(a) Wood Coal Powder use as good conductor of electricity, anti corrosive, rust prove for GI Plate for long life. 
(b) Salt use as electrolyte to form conductivity between GI Plate Coal and Earth with humidity 
(c) Sand has used to form porosity to cycle water & humidity around the mixture 

4. Put GI Plate (EARTH PLATE) of size 500 mm X 500 mm X 10 mm in the mid of mixture 

5. Use Double GI Strip size 30 mm X 10 mm to connect GI Plate to System Earthling 

6. It will be better to use GI Pipe of size 2.5" diameter with a Flange on the top of GI Pipe to cover GI Strip from EARTH PLATE to Top Flange 

7. Cover Top of GI pipe with a T joint to avoid jamming of pipe with dust & mud and also use water time to time through this pipe to bottom of earth plate 

8. Maintain less than one Ohm Resistance from EARTH PIT conductor to a distance of 15 Meters around the EARTH PIT with an other conductor dip on the Earth at least 500 mm deep. 

9. Check Voltage between EARTH PIT conductor to Neutral of Mains Supply 220V AC 50 Hz it should be less than 2.0 Volts 

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