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Monday, December 7, 2015

Gate Preparation- Power Systems

The major topics in Power Systems for Gate 2016 are as follows:
The major topics in Power Systems for Gate 2016 are as follows:
A. Transmission and Distribution
1.     overhead transmission lines 
·           memorize the expressions for Inductance and Capacitance for both Single Phase and Three Phase Lines. 
·          practice some problems based on this which involve the computation of GMD and GMR.
2.      modelling of Short and Medium Transmission Lines 
·         Long Transmission Lines is not much important in Steady State Analysis and Short Transmission Line is most important.
·         A,B,C,D Parameters of the line 
·         power expressions in terms of A,B,C,D 
·         approximate voltage regulation in Short Transmission Line which is same as Transformer.
3.      Surges 
1.        memorize the thevenin equivalent circuit for analysis of surges to calculate the Transmission and Reflection Coefficient for Voltage
2.       Voltage Control and Power Factor Correction
4. UG Cables
1.       insulation resistance
3.       capacitance model for 3 phase  3 core belted cable which has core capacitance and sheath capacitance.

4.      Overhead Insulator
    1.  voltage distribution across different discs can be asked
    2. remember the expression upto 3 discs.

6.       Distribution Systems
    1. applying KVL and finding the currents in different branches.

you can find the Solved question papers of Gate (from 2000 to 2015) Electrical HereGATE - Electrical Engineering 2016 : Solved Papers 2000 - 2015 (English) 13th Edition 

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